2018 Surefire World Multigun Championship

Once again, all styles of multi-gun and 3-gun competition come together in 16 grueling stages!
The world’s best will compete in a variety of 3-gun and multi-gun styles including:
large bay style stages
physical stages
box to box stages
long range
and 2 night stages

Key Info

There is a seperate PCC/2gun match the weekend prior to the main match if you wanted to double up on shooting. Please register at https://practiscore.com/uml-pcc2-gun-championship/register

The rookie match will consist of 8 day stages and 2 night stages from the main match October 3-5 2018. Match fee is $150. This match is self ROed and plaques are awarded to the top shooters.

The main match is October 5-7 2018. Main match fee is $350. This match has dedicated ROs on the stages. Shooters will be able to squad themselves and reserve a full squad if they have 10 people coming. Trophies and Plaques are awarded to the top shooters with an order of finish prize table after the match. Prizes will be distributed between the tables based on participation in that division. This match has a final (16th) “playoff” stage shot Sunday for match score. Top shooters in each division must shoot this stage, which will affect their placement in the match.  Additional stage prizes are up for grabs as well.

Staff shoot October 3-5th, as random draw or order of finish as they choose.

One shirt included.  If you want additional shirts they are $20.  Please write in how many and what size you would like in your registration form after you print it.  Payment can be included with match fee.  If you have already registered and would like to get an additional shirt please email Dotty at dotty@iscopellc.com title the email “additional Surefire WMG shirts”.

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Register for 2018

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Match Info

All 3 gun are used on almost all the stages, except for the night stages.

Plan for:

20 rounds of mid to “long” range rifle. 2 shots past 350
about 260 rifle rounds, some 50yd shots and a spinner
about 280 pistol rounds, but so many paper and steel options
about 200 shotgun but again you may take some steel with pistol
15-20 slugs.

Divisional & Firearms Rules Clarifications

Firearms and divisional Rules clarification

YES you may use a different pistol on the night stages provided it fits in your division and the caliber remains the same
-At any time during the event Competitors ARE allowed to change firearms provided they all fit into their registered divisional requirements.
-A firearm is considered to be the combination of a specific caliber/gauge. Competitors may not change caliber/gauge during the course of a match.
-Pistol caliber may not be changed for the duration of the event
-Rifle caliber may not be changed for the duration of the event
-Gauge may not be changed for the duration of the event.

you can change barrel lengths and overall lengths to fit the stage style, and pistols may be change to accept lights for the night stages. but you can only shoot 1 rifle per stage. this is still 3 gun not 4 gun. We just wanted to open up options for such a big match, with so many styles
If you have questions ask

Can I shoot all matches?

You must decide if you want to shoot fun sized or pre-match and have a cheaper match fee with a random draw prize table, or shoot with the best shooters in the world and walk a prize table in order of finish.

How is the match squadded

Fun sized, and pre-match are squadded online. Main match are squadded by division and approximate skill as a shooter. Put any special squadding notes or requests in the “Notes” box when registering.

Can I shoot the weekend match?

Fun Size must shoot in 15th/16th dates, pre-match 18-20th, main 21-23.

Can I use 2 different rifles (one for speed stages, different for long range)?

Yes, as long as both rifles fit the rules for the division you registered for.

Will I need lights for my guns for the night stages?

No. We encourage you to have lights and practice with them but Surefire will provide weapon mounted lights at the stage. We recommend a rail mount on your guns.

Can we use lasers?

Yes, but note that you can ONLY use lasers on the night stages

Do I need to be a USPSA certified range officer to work this match?

No. We will have lots of info going out to the ROs in the coming months. With 16 stages, we will need a lot of help.

Can we drive to the stages?

Some stages permit this, but not all. Most of the match is closed to vehicles. Plan on self carrying gear.